Logan Brinkmann headshot
Logan J. Brinkmann Partner, STWP Wealth Advisor, RJFS

Logan is training to become a financial advisor. As the son of Tron Brinkmann, Logan grew up around the financial services industry and saw how fulfilling it can be to help people pursue their goals and enjoy financial independence. “I have always wanted to help people,” Logan says. “I am very compassionate and strong willed, and will always do my best to help others. I have a calm demeanor that helps when talking to clients about things that concern them.”

Before joining Raymond James in 2021, Logan worked as an on-call branch office administrator at Edward Jones, traveling to offices around the region to cover and help branch teams. Along the way, he has learned many useful skills as a transfer specialist and in performing tasks related to roles as an advisor and office administrator – assisting and communicating with clients and other industry members, processing documents, and helping financial advisors with specific needs.

He earned an associate’s degree from Glendale Community College, and is expected to graduate from Arizona State University later this year with a bachelor’s degree in financial management.

Logan has lived in Arizona all his life. In his free time, he enjoys mountain bike riding, snowboarding, golfing, playing lacrosse, hiking, cars and spending time with his wife, Kourtney. They are expecting their first child in July.

His wife, Kourtney, graduated from culinary school in 2018 and their favorite thing to do is enjoy their time in the kitchen cooking and baking together. They have two dogs that love going on walks and hikes with them and taking road trips all over Arizona.